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For Congress Re-elect Wittman, Cantor
October 29, 2012 | Free Lance Star

WITH UNDER 15 percent of Americans approving of the way Congress operates, "Trow da bums out!" may seem an appropriate response. But a clean sweep wouldn't benefit voters in Virginia's 1st and 7th congressional districts.

Rob Wittman of Montross has both a head for science and a heart for politics. An environmental scientist with a Ph.D., he has earned his political stripes from the bottom up, serving on the Montross Town Council, as that town's mayor, as a member of the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, and as a delegate in the General Assembly. Elected to represent the 1st District in December 2007 to fill out the term of the late Jo Ann Davis, Mr. Wittman now seeks his third term.

The 1st District stretches from Fauquier County all the way down to Hampton Roads. Reliably Republican for 30 years, it is distinguished by its strong military presence and its location near the economically important and environmentally fragile Chesapeake Bay. A native of Westmoreland County, Mr. Wittman has a good grasp on both of these hallmark characteristics.

Serving on the Armed Services committee, he's well placed to guard Virginia's military interests, especially the naval facilities of Hampton Roads. And while fiscally prudent, he recognizes the importance of cleaning up the Bay, sometimes opposing his party on the issue. No Washington elitist, Mr. Wittman undertakes a daily commute that keeps him in touch with the folks at home (and his district's traffic problems). He has represented them well and deserves a return to Washington.

Mr. Wittman's Democratic opponent is Adam Cook, a bright and high-minded young man who should stay in politics regardless of what happens Nov. 6. Our suggestion is to start locally à la Mr. Wittman. There's nothing wrong with wanting to marry Marilyn Monroe, but it helps to have a few dates first.